* Kulak Commander *

current version: 2.51 ( 2008-09-05 )

Kulak Commander (KC) is win32 text mode (console) commander for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP. KC is a clone of the well-known Norton Commander by Symantec. It is no 100% exact clone of this tool. KC adds man new features and special keyboard shortcuts which allow user to navigate as far as possible.

+file manager
+UNC support
+ftp support
+editor with syntax highlighting support
+hex editor
+very simple reminder for those who don't like outlook
+all keys are Norton (Volkov) Commander compatible
+archives support (zip,rar,ace,gzip,bzip,tar)
+keyboard customization support
SPECIALITIES (why to try it)
+everything is optimized for fast navigation
+it is open source so you can adjust or improve it if you want
+no instalation procedure, only one exe file which you can copy to you maintanance floppy disk
+all good ideas are usualy very quckly implemented (if they are not too complicated)
NASTY THINGS (why don't try it)
-KC doesn't support mouse (and never will)

KC keyboard quick reference.
Here you can download win32 binaries.
Here you can download source code.
Here is KC exe win32 binary.
Here is KC ini.
Here (for developers) are instructions how to make a patch.
Here you can download unix utils for win32 (like grep....).

Mailing list can be subscribed to at kulakcommander-general-request@lists.sourceforge.net

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If you have any questions or ideas mail me.

Super keys
Super keys
  C+arrow right	 - copy
  C+arrow left - move
  C+arrow down - edit or change directory
  C+arrow up - exit editor or directory up (cd ..)
  S+arrow right - set current directory from left panel to right panel
  S+arrow left - set current directory from right panel to left panel
  A+end - wide current panel
  A+arrow left - change drive in current folder
  C+S+arrow down - set current file with full path to command line
  C+Z - suspend panel (ftp, network, archives,find) panel is moved to 
    background and when you reopen it, it is in same state when you leave it
  C+S+0-9 - save fast directory shortcut
  C+0-9 - goto fast directory shortcut
  C+tilda - additional shortcuts
  C+F5 - process manager
  C+F6 - reminder
  C+F9 - ftp
  C+F8 - microsoft network
  C+tilda - folder shortcuts
  A+F11 - edit/view history (works in editor too)
  A+F12 - folder history

Vaclav Kulakovsky
Ricky Lively

Tomas Brejla known as PJBrdlo
Pert Tichy known as Pedro
For testing and many new ideas.

Some screenshots

Kulak Commander



- encryption of ini file fixed
- move files in one panel improved - shift + f6
- button support
- overwrite messages changed
- refresh panel fixed [010826]
- macros fixed
- folder history improved, saved to ini
- kc_user.ini security
- edit/view history
- delete in folder and edit/view history
- sort (sort name dIr first) fixed
- editor fixed [010831]
- editor fixed [010902]
- command line history redesigned (alt + f8)
- save configuration shift + f9
- cancel on (copy,move,delete) fixed
- background refresh fixed
- files syntax highlighting fixed
- kc_user.ini is loaded only for owner for others kc_guest.ini is used
- file open with (ctrl + j)
- copy meter changed
- archive open when command line is not empty fixed
- command line navigation atl + arrow_left|arrow_right
- rar archiver error temporary fixed (it would be nice to implement CRC of heads)[010911]
- copy meter in ftp panel
- folders history fixed
- check if file datetime is valid
- deleting messages from queue fixed [011009]
- file attributes display fixed
- open with (ctrl + j) can open multiple (selected) files
- files are unselected during operation on selected files
- jar (Java Archive) support - managed by pkzip25.exe
- file counter while reading archive
- acl removed because W95
- archives,ftp ctrl+arrow_down,ctrl+arrow_up
- size display fixed
- jar archive parse speed increased
- KC already running message at startup fixed
- command line argument --ask-reminder added (force to always ask to run reminder on startup)
- nested archives support
- tar,gzip support
- simple bzip2 support
- editor syntax HL configuration changed (color names)
- editor get block from clipboard fixed [011030]
- wait rotator fixed (cannot be started more than once )
- editor ctrl+l - delete line, ctrl+k copy line
- editor SH fixed (valid word characters)[011031]
- editor SH fixed (valid word characters)[011101]
- editor white mode ctrl+o
- editor ctrl+arrow_down - save, alt+left = home, alt+right = end
- KC auto update in main menu
- kc.ini [open] supports *.* (for all file types)
- editor ctrl+< - delete from current pos to begin of line, ctrl+> delete from current pos to end of line
- copy file fixed (set incorect datetime when copied file was shared)
- editor ctrl+<,> if selected block moves it left, right
- ctrl+f6 - reminder, ctrl+f5 - processes
- editor ctrl+k - delete line, ctrl+l copy line (because of pine)
- edit shift block select fixed
- ctrl+p copy line to clipboard ctrl+o get line from clipboard
- curent line calculation in editor fixed [011115]
- editor ctrl+f9 - select LineFeed
- editor ctrl+f11 - list of opened files
- editor ctrl+enter - enter new line
- list of opened files save fixed
- file open with (ctrl + j) fixed
- WHITE color configuration (ctrl+m)
- copy,move fixed (kc sometimes kept directory after copy,move)
- console size is stored in kc_user.ini, you can change size in menu Options
menu Options->Console size
- get latest versin from www support
set kc.ini [kc] update_loc=http://kulakcommander.sourceforge.net/_kc.exe
for proxy update_loc=proxy:port@http://kulakcommander.sourceforge.net/_kc.exe
- msnet sort fixed
- editor - file configuratin signs (put them to last row )
tw=n = line break
ts=n = tab size
syn=name = syntax highlighting name
example: tw=80, ts=4
- editor SH improved (function and variable support)
- editor topbar colors fixed, display long file name fixed
- editor color schemes (syntax highlight color mappings) see kc.ini for more information
(you can siply define your own colors)
- editor cursor size
- editor select fixed
- editor crash fix (memory was not cleared) [20020107]
- reminder - if stoped you can't display reminder panel
- ftp - '.' directory removed from list
- editor SH functions fixed
- ftp recurse put,get,delete for PJBrdlo ;)
- ftp recurse fix
- editor wrap improved
- (SetupFileOptions::lineBreakSize = 0)
- ftp fixed
- ftp fixed again
- directory listing fixed .. should be always available
- panel compare .. fixed
- editor cursor size changed
- kc start boosted use kc.exe --history to see what's new
- reminder start changed
- change directory fixed
- ftp possibility to change user name if password is not set during connecting
- ini fixed GetFullPathName -> GetModuleFileName thx: Lechee.Lai
- new icon added thx: Lechee.Lai
- add kcedit env for lunch external editor ps. set kcedit=fte
- add Quit KC will save c:\kcdir.bat for last access directory switch, more detail in k.bat (Lechee.Lai)
- add for bookmark list (0..9) (Lechee.Lai)
- add set cursor when quit (Lechee.Lai)
- add dummy left_panel/right_panel during initialize kc_user.ini (Lechee.Lai)
- add make quick archive in selection (Lechee.Lai)
- add panel information via file find (Lechee.Lai)
- LEFT/RIGHT Driver are separate (Lechee.Lai)
- editor find previous string in text mode shift+f3
- Fixed Chinese Win98/ME can not run, add kc.ini [kc]ascii_border=1 to fixed the problem
- home project for find via kc.ini [kc]project_home=1 env(home)
- grep support (ctrl+f7, alt+f10) (download unix utils if you don't have grep)
- grep fix
- grep fix
- command line input/output redirection fixed
- copy info enhanced (path added)
- copy synchronize added to sync 2 directories (intead overwrite all)
files are compared by name,size,last write time
- ftp password caching (passwords are cached while kc is running)
- another kind find file (whereis active by ctrl-f/ctrl-shift-f)
- find file fixed (unclosed handles)
- reminder time input improved (h:m-sun|mon|tue|wed|thu|fri|sat
- remove home project [kc]project_home=1
- find file and grep status will store in kc_user.ini
- gnugrep is instead for semware grep
- bookmark will save to .ini each time
- advance search for bhome and oemtip via dialog
- enhance env(kcedit) set kcedit=f -l%%l %%f will run f -l10 foo.txt
you also can set kcedit=q %%f -n%%l will run q foo.txt -n10
- gnu grep output select for unix standard and wide format
- ftp list support (f12)
- ftp download bug fixed
- MS net wrong dir load fixed
- ftp fixed 'empty dir' bug in recursive copy,delete
- ftp dir size added alt+f6
- keyboard customization (kc.ini section [keyboard] see ( --func-list, --key-list params )
- example:
- fixed labels on ftp put
- local file closed when ftp put failed
- delete to recycle bin support
- new ini key allowed_input_chars to help support national characters
- key sleep (vmware)
- chdir error when directory doesn't exists fixed (for miku)
- sar extension added (for brdloush)
- archive open fixed on directories
- file size over 4GB fixed
- file size over 4GB fixed
- patch removed becaus of errors
- minor fix in file extension parsing (files with more extesions now parsed ok)
- FindClose handle release fix (move,copy,delete,find,size...)
- Increased buffer for copy files...)

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